living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – ‘Butter is Better’ is the BEST, . . .

Bakery and Breakfast joint in town!


‘from their website’

 “Remember how rich and buttery pastries used to taste? At Butter is Better we do, too. That’s why we use genuine butter and only butter in all our pastries.

And our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with butter.
Whether they’re in our pastries, breads, soups, or casseroles, all our ingredients are honest and old fashioned – the kind your great grandma used.

So, if you have forgotten how rich and delicious old fashioned food used to taste, we’re here to remind you. Because at Butter is Better, we turn happy memories into food.”


Example: Breakfast Set 3

choice of toast, choice of eggs, choice of meat, comes with coffee (including one refill) or tea and a glass of orange juice.

My choice of toast: the HOMEMADE english muffins and HOMEMADE jam!


I mean try getting that at Denny’s, and try getting it for:

150baht @ 30.30 = $4.68


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  1. Note: I believe, the ‘2nd biggest fan’ of ‘Butter is Better’ might be George, the owner of Gecko Books.

    Comment by seattle99 | March 28, 2011 | Reply

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