living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – freakish March Weather

The norm – From

“Daytime temperatures can hit the mid 30s in northern Thailand in March, but what is far more problematic than it just being bloody hot, is the haze. Every year in March Thai farmers burn back the stubble in their fields in preparation for the new planting season. This widespread burning (it happens all over the country but is especially bad in the north and northeast) creates a terrible haze that not only plays havoc with photos, also stings eyes and can cause respiratory problems. This really takes away from the northern Thailand experience and if possible you’re best to avoid this region in March (and April for that matter). That there is very little rain only makes the haze all the worse.”

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit:



15-Mar H20 / L17 / Precip yes

16-Mar H19 / L12 / Precip yes

Note: it has rained non-stop for +24 hours



17-Mar H19 / L12 / Precip 60%

18-Mar H25 / L16 Precip 20%

19-Mar H29 / L16 / Precip 0%


 ‘Thailand – Study shows smog up North has worsened’

Note: probably because it’s a ‘real pain in ass to start a fire in the rain’, the air quality is ‘currently’ GREAT!





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  1. 17-March 5pm

    63F 17C / yes, it’s still raining

    note: I’m no longer homesick for Seattle

    Comment by seattle99 | March 17, 2011 | Reply

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