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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Viangbua Mansion – review



The building is a modern eight-story high rise, and is approximately five-YEARS-old.

Note: The maintenance, unlike many places in S.E. Asia is outstanding, and could easily be, ‘five-MONTHS-old’.



The lobby and the rooms are beautifully designed in the Lanna (Northern Thai) style.

Reference – Photo Gallery: Rooms, Lobby, Coffee Shop, and City View.

Note: They might not always be available when you book, but if I were you, I would request to be on the mountain side; i.e. the Doi Suthep side.

Reference – “Freeing the Birds – by Ed Liembacher’ post:



First of all, it’s NOT in the touristy Night Bazaar/Thapae Gate area, nor is it in the yuppified Ninmanheiman area; which by the way, I love both areas of town.

Q:  Where is it then?

A: It’s in a very Thai neighborhood called Chang Puek, which is located about a mile north of the moat.


Q: Why would I want to stay there?

A: Well, presumably you are coming to Thailand to ‘experience Thailand’; in Chang Puek you can do that, 24/7.


Q: How?

A: Right next door to the Viangbua is the Thanin Market, which I believe is the FINEST market in Chiang Mai.

I mean it’s got everything: food stalls, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery goods, everythinggggg!


Q: What if I want to buy a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies ®; does the Thainin Market have those; huh, huh, huh?

A: Possibly/probably not, but a five-minute walk up the main road is a newly renovated Tops Supermarket, and they got ‘em, plus a gazillion other items to cure the ‘homesick blues’.


Q: I KNOW I will want to go the Night Bazaar/Taepae Gate and the Nimmanheiman areas; how do I get there?

A: If you ended up eating the WHOLE bag of Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Macademia Cookies ® I would suggest you might want to spend twenty-thirty minutes walking to the above mention areas via the very colorful  back streets (sois).

>>> Reference – ‘Chiang Mai –Buddhism’ post:


>>> Reference – “I believe the literal translation of …” post:


Q: Are there other means of transportation available?

A: Of course.

>>> Reference – “Chiang Mai – toolin’ rond town” post:


>>> Reference – “Chiang Mai –Samlors” post:



In one word, SUPERB!



From the guard out front, to the desk staff, to the housekeepers, to the Manager, it is ‘absolutely top of the line’.



There’s a beauty shop, and a room with washers and dryers on the ground floor; and a fitness room on the second floor.

Viangbua Mansion has cable TV and WIFI in each room, and free internet access in the lobby.

Unlike many hotels in Thailand, the rooms come with very good American style showers, and ALWAYS a sufficient supply of hot water.

>>> Reference – Photo Gallery:  restaurant, fitness room, etc, etc.



The restaurant is open from 7 until 3 and serves both Thai and Falang (foreign) dishes. Room service is available, as has a coffee shop in the lobby.

In addition to the food stalls next door at the Thainin market, directly across the street is the Spirit House Restaurant and Bar.

>>> Reference – ‘Chiang Mai – Spirit House Restaurant and Bar’” post:



In addition to the guard out front, security is tight throughout the building because you need a electronic floor specific keycard to access the elevator and stairwell, and of course the guest rooms.

Every room has a safe.



There are several types of rooms, ranging from studios to one bedroom; with daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

>>> Reference – Viangbua Mansion ‘Room Descriptions’ and Rates:



First of all, Chiang Mai has an incredibly wide range of accommodations, ranging from the top end Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental, to very good Guest Houses, to unbelievably skanky Guest Houses.

However, baht for baht, dollar for dollar, I believe the Viangbua Mansion is a TERRIFIC VALUE, whether for a single night, or an extended stay.


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  1. Sounds amazing. I plan on going to Chiang Mai for a few months next year and would love to stay there. Thank you for the great reviews and info.

    Comment by Brenda | November 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Brenda:

      YES, I think it’s a very nice place.

      Between now and the end of January it will be quite full, so if you can make your reservation well in advance.

      From, say mid-February until mid-April there will be plenty of rooms. However, that was the GOOD NEWS. The BAD NEWS is that this period is the ‘burning season’, and I suggest you stay FAR AWAY from Nothern Thailand.

      khup khun krup,

      Comment by seattle99 | November 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. Wow. Once again I am grateful for more valuable information with details of living in Chaing Mai!!
    Thank you. I am presently researching what areas and condo complexes to live. This one goes to top of list

    Comment by gary wirfs | June 23, 2014 | Reply

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