living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – December 6, 2008


This photo, captured from the rooftop of the Amari Rincome Hotel, shows Chiang Mai’s Nimmanhaemindha Road transformed into a sea of saffron robes early last Saturday morning as 11,000 monks from the province turned out to collect alms and offer their blessings for His Majesty the King’s 81st birthday, which took place the day before on December 5. This was apparently the first time such a large gathering of monks had been organized to mark this occasion.


11,000 monks, hmmm, don’t know about.

But to hear thousands and thousands chanting; I mean WOW, truly a sound I will never forget!


BTW: I believe the LaGriita Restaurant at the Amari Rincome Hotel is the BEST lunch buffet in town; price and quality, especially quality.

Off-season, M-F, 375 baht @ 34.5 = $10.86

Q: expensive, yes?

A: If you go light on breakfast, and skip dinner, not so much.

Q: Do you think I would be able to skip dinner?

A: Oh, hell yeah!



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